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Sexual Health Counselling

Sexual health counselling is a service provided to individuals who seek guidance and support in relation to sexual issues, concerns, or problems. Sexual health counsellors or sex therapists can provide a supportive, non-judgmental and confidential space where clients can share their questions, experiences, and issues and receive professional assistance to address them.

Here are some ways sexual health counselling can help:

1. Sexual Wellness: Sexual health counselling seeks to promote sexual health and wellness through treating and preventing sexual disorders and behaviors.

2. Increasing Communication Skills: Sexual health counselling provides safe ground to ask questions, practice informed consent, and increase communication skills in or out of the bedroom.

3. Improve Intimacy: Sexual health counselling can help individuals learn ways to improve intimacy through increasing emotional and physical closeness with their partners through therapy sessions or homework exercises.

4. Treating Sexual Dysfunction: Sexual health counselling provides therapeutic interventions for treating sexual dysfunction such as impotence, orgasmic dysfunction, and chronic pain during intercourse.

5. Addressing Trauma and Abuse: Sexual health counselling helps address the impact of sexual abuse or trauma related disorders such as PTSD, and other psychosocial struggles that holistically affect sexual experience.

6. Support for Sexual Diversity: Sexual health counselling welcomes and supports people of diverse sexual orientations, identities, and expression who may face stigma, discrimination, or difficulties in our present world.

Sexual health counselling can be in individual or couples sessions, depending on the client's needs and preferences. The objective of sexual health counselling or sex therapy is to foster a stronger and more satisfying sexual life. Sexual health counselling empowers individuals with the information, tools, and skills necessary to achieve a healthy sexual life of their choice.

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