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Geriatric Pregnancy Counselling

Geriatric pregnancy counselling is specialized counselling for women who are pregnant at an age greater than 35 years. Advancements in reproductive options and the trend of women delaying childbearing have made geriatric pregnancy a more common occurrence. Geriatric pregnancy counselling provides support, guidance, and information to help women navigate the medical, emotional and social aspects of pregnancy at a later stage in life.

Here are some ways geriatric pregnancy counselling can help:

1. Pregnancy Risks: Geriatric pregnancy counselling helps identify the potential medical risks associated with pregnancy at an older age, including gestational diabetes, hypertension, and genetic complications.

2. Prenatal Care: Geriatric pregnancy counselling helps women understand the importance of proper prenatal care and provides them with resources for accessing appropriate healthcare services.

3. Emotional Support: Geriatric pregnancy counselling provides emotional support around the decision to have a child, managing feelings of anxiety and uncertainty, and adapting and adjusting to significant life changes.

4. Nutrition and Exercise: Geriatric pregnancy counselling helps women understand the importance of healthy eating habits and exercise, which are vital during pregnancy to support both the mother and baby's health.

5. Couples Counselling: Geriatric pregnancy counselling covers any relationship issues that may arise during this phase of life, communication and mutual support for each other during pregnancy and parenthood.

6. Postpartum Counselling: Geriatric pregnancy counselling provides support around the isolation, stress, and lack of sleep that can come with the postpartum period.

The goal of geriatric pregnancy counselling is to provide women with support and resources to have a healthy and safe pregnancy and childbirth experience at an advanced age. Geriatric pregnancy counselling provides clients with knowledge, coping mechanisms, and practical tools to manage their pregnancy related anxiety and physical discomfort while cultivating good mental and emotional health.

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