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Support Group 

Mondays at 5 pm EST


These support groups are ONLINE, you can dial in or video chat with us through zoom. Workshops are different in that they are all about learning rather than speaking - so we don't fall for the same tactics again. Support groups are about speaking and hearing others.

Not only are we being annihilated* by the narc in our life, we are also isolating ourselves, lacking on self-care, belittling ourselves in the name of the relationship, thinking obsessively about the situation. Our boundaries are all messed up and this is because of our first interactions with humans (our parents) and how we could not use boundaries with them.

These support groups are meant to teach and explore together what narcissism means to us in our lives, how we are experiencing it, how we are attracting it into our lives, our addictions to the narcs, our lack of boundaries, our extreme sense of kindness and empathy, our societal false selves that continue to dictate who we engage with in order to feel something, to feel loved, wanted, cared for and not alone! REMEMBER THERE IS NO SHAME!

If this is resonating with you, I invite you to join our group. It will be online, everyone's video will be off and we can talk as if we were all creating this podcast that could be used to help each other rather than annihilated one another.


We will discuss this further in group!


I would love discuss this further with you over the phone, if you have any questions. Please email me at with the subject line Support Group and your contact information.

See you soon and stay safe out there!

Raquel Soteldo RP, MA, ABA, CCC, PMP

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