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Anxiety - A Friend or Foe? #soteldotherapy

Updated: Mar 26

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Anxiety keeps you alive. Does that surprise you? Well, anxiety is a feeling that most

of us don’t want to experience, but it may not be that bad after all. Anxiety is a

strong neurochemical survival mechanism that is inherent in any creature. Animals

that don’t pay attention to danger signals can’t survive for long.

The fact that you’re reading this piece is clear proof that you’re among the anxious

species in the world. Anxiety is a friend, it enables you to navigate this world,

protecting you against threats, and helping you to face challenges as they come.

Anxiety is attached to emotions, and in some cases, it can cause really strong

emotions. When you allow these emotions to control you, then anxiety will turn into

a foe. You’ll be caged because any time you face a tough situation, it’s your emotions

that will determine your course of action. This is because unpleasant thoughts and

threatening thoughts are processed in the same part of the brain that processes

physical threats.

Any threatening situation you face will cause a series of chemical reactions in your

body to protect you. Suppressing these reactions is counterproductive.


Can you stop anxiety?

Trying to stop anxiety is like trying to stop a massive dragster using bicycle hand

brakes. You can’t stop anxiety. As you keep trying to stop anxiety, you’ll just end up

expending large amounts of energy with no success.

What your consciousness does is to give you control like that of a person on the

wheel. Only humans are privileged with the ability to make a choice, other animals

can’t control their anxiety.

Anxiety is caused by elevated levels of adrenaline, cortisol, histamines, and other

chemicals that cause stress. So the best way to control it is to reduce the levels of

these chemicals (hormones).  

Here are the steps you can take to control anxiety: 


Try to relax. That may sound ridiculous when you are anxious, but it’s the best way

to reduce your stress levels. Relaxing can take different forms. Some choose to

watch movies or sit in front of computers, while others opt to use drugs and alcohol.

These do not constitute what true relaxation is all about. Good relaxation involves

taking practical steps to reduce your stress level. You can choose Yoga or practice

deep breathing to help relax your nerves.

Get enough exercise, nourishment, and sleep

When you are facing a tough situation, retiring to bed can make your body and mind

feel at peace. And after a restful sleep, you’ll realize that you’re in the right state of

mind to tackle the problem at hand.

Another way of fighting stress is to hit the gym or to get involved in any exercise you

feel comfortable with. Exercising ensures all your body cells get enough oxygen to

help them function optimally. You also need to eat well. Whole grains, lean proteins,

vegetables, and fruits have been found to be good in stress management. 

Also, try to connect with others. Spending a good time with family members or

friends is good for your health and can reduce your anxiety levels.

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