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Updated: Mar 28

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Soteldo Therapy is all about offering business counseling to businesses that understand the value in taking care of their employee welfare. And in case you were wondering, our teams of business counselors actually do have real life experiences managing small businesses, and extensive training. In addition, if you happen to be a budding entrepreneur or small business owner within our service area, we will offer our services at no cost.

Why would you consider hiring us? You should think about working with us because we will not only offer our expertise in developing business plans, but also help with market research, business start-up, expansion planning, and the development of new ideas for your business. And if you have all that covered, we will take it a notch higher and help you come up with effective pricing and product strategies.

How can business counseling help me?

Also known in some circles as business mentoring, business counseling is one effective process that enables senior managers and even business owners work through issues affecting business. If one of your business goals is to grow improve and post better results in the long run we can offer a range of programs specifically tailor for you.

Business counseling programs are meant to serve organizations that are established, start-ups, and those facing unique challenges. They’ll also help you asses where you are in a cycle, and how you can take that big step to the next level.

Business counselors are trained professionals and we cannot emphasize that enough. Therefore, you need not worry about anyone leaking or sharing the highly confidential and personal nature of the issues that you might be facing as an entity. For the process to work effectively, both the counselor and business owner have to tackle the core business problems by working together to develop an action plan. Otherwise, there’s no other way the business or its owner will be guided forward.

Areas where business counseling is considered productive include:

· Mergers

· Buy outs

· Appointment of senior members of staff

· Applying positive solutions to issues at hand

If you’re still not sure if business counseling will add value to your business, book an appointment with us and we can have a brief discussion, in confidence. Remember, our mentorship programs have proven to be a valuable resource for managers and senior executives trying to navigate the world of business.

Call for an appointment at 613-400-0128

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