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Individuals in Ottawa who have previously or are currently struggling with depression or anxiety and are seeking treatment, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is likely one of the treatment options who might have come across. CBT is an effective treatment option for a variety of mental health and related illnesses. Some of the common illnesses treated using CBT include depression, eating disorders, chronic stress, anxiety, and anger management issues. IF you are looking for CBT services in Ottawa, check out our blog that has vital information and literature in handling different types of mental health and related disorders.

What does CBT entail?

The defining idea of cognitive therapy is that intense negative perspectives about the self and others can result in distressful experiences. The resulting beliefs and thoughts control our emotions and behavior, and in the process reinforce the negative beliefs in our being. A good example is an individual experiencing anxiety related to work performance resulting in processing negative thoughts. The negative thought can lead to anxious response manifested as sweating, dry mouth, palpitations, and shallow breathing. The likely response to anxiety is either flight, fight, or freeze. Freezing or being fixated while at work further reinforces the belief and worry that you might or will get fired from your job for being too slow.

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Cognitive therapists work by getting rid of the distress and reevaluating the symptoms, mainly by addressing the core negative beliefs. The therapist achieves this goal by identifying the negative patterns which are as a result of the negative thoughts, eventually interrupting the harmful negative patterns. The therapists achieve this by either instilling substitute thoughts by the use of balanced counter beliefs or ensuring that the client learns to accept and get rid of the harmful negative beliefs, without necessarily the individual's behavior.

How it works

The cognitive therapy framework is designed as a tool and homework based, which essentially means that the affected individual is required to complete the treatment exercises outside of the therapy room. The tools in CBT involve thought records, which are important in assisting in the process of the identification of automatic harmful thoughts which arise from the main negative beliefs. The process is usually followed by developing a real balanced response by the affected individual. CBT at times is combined with other techniques that include relaxation which focuses on helping interrupt the negative thought patterns and handle the emotional response resulting from the said negative thoughts.

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