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Challenging the Old Conditioning by Soteldo Therapy

Updated: Mar 28

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Challenging the Old Conditioning

Old conditioning programs you to: -

  • Remove all your boundaries

  • Be a YES person

  • Avoid advocating for yourself

When you embark on challenging the old conditioning, you will encounter hindrances since you will be venturing outside your comfort zone. Nonetheless, time and exposure empower you to overcome the setbacks by reprograming your mind to adjust to the new reality where your best self-interest matter. It is essential to keep in mind that the tribulations you encounter are short-term.

Embracing your feelings as you challenge the old conditioning is vital. It would help if you did not construe the discomforts as something negative since they indicate that the journey to your healthier self is on course.

Dealing with the pain reprograms your sympathetic nerves in the brain to process the new normal. The methodology is the same as exposure therapy for treating phobias.

When the discomfort is overbearing, you can try the rhythmic belly breathing, which entails: -

  • Inhaling through your nose

  • Holding your breath and counting to 4

  • Exhale by counting to 4

  • Repeating the process.

The exercise activates the parasympathetic nervous system resulting in a calming sensation. When you are calmer, you can acknowledge your tensions and healthily respond to them.

To bring your aspirations of mental freedom to fruition, you need to keep in mind that the discomfort is short-lived and that the effort is for your good.

Take away points:

  • Time and exposure are critical in challenging old conditioning.

  • The brain processes new experiences as danger.

  • Having uncomfortable feelings doesn’t imply that the feelings are wrong.

  • When you repeat things, the brain becomes accustomed to them.

  • Feelings are transitory experiences.

  • It is vital to manage overwhelming feelings healthily to regain composure.

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