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At Soteldo Therapy, we have a unique approach to life challenges, dealing with each issue from a Christian perspective. Our experienced and skilled Counselors assist many people in handling and managing daily life challenges. Christian life counselor's treatment approach is evidence-based and entails the use of psychological techniques and other measures from a Christian perspective. The Christian perspective involves the use of the Word of God and prayer in the treatment approach.

Soteldo Therapy Christian counselors have undergone all the prerequisite training and comprehend spiritual issues that clients might present with. it is important to note that at Soteldo Therapy, we do not impose any spiritual or faith perspective, but our counselors have the experience and know-how in handling such issues as and when they arise from clients. Approaching issues from a Christian and spiritual perspective creates an ample and serene atmosphere in dealing with the cases presented by the clients as individuals, as spouses, or as a family. The approach is respectful and mindful of the individual’s faith and spiritual leaning.

Just like in any other counseling forum, Soteldo Therapy requires that the clients take center stage of the process and that they are in charge of the extent of the engagement they want to share with the counselors in the spiritual conversations. Many clients who need counseling are particular about faith-based and spiritual orientation, which the counselors at Soteldo Therapy are mindful of and have undergone the necessary training to engage with their clients using this needed approach.

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