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Updated: Mar 28

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There is always the fear of venturing into the dating life, especially for individuals that are currently single as the idea seems inappropriate at times. Many people hold the view that relationship counseling usually involves couples, and feel that the process is irrelevant for those who are not dating.

This notion is entirely not true. At Soteldo Therapy, our daily interactions entail working with persons of all ages, genders, religions, and races. Individuals looking to reevaluate their relationship patterns to help them make changes from within themselves and the type of person they aim in making connections with, our team will help you achieve your goals.

Coming to counseling as an individual when you are single is as a result of various contributing factors. Some of the most common reasons include;

· After undergoing a breakup

· At the end of a relationship- in which you might be the one who ended the relationship or not. In instances when you feel you are stuck in a pit with no one to turn to

· Instances when you are struggling to cope with feelings of sadness, guilt, anger or loss resulting in a negative impact on your confidence and self-esteem

· Being affected by a recent breakup or cases where you are facing troubles in getting over someone from your past relationships, having someone you can confidently share your experiences helps a great deal

A counselor or therapist functions like you’re your support network. The counselor exists to assist you to deal with your feelings, help you reflect on your previous experiences, and guiding you in moving on with your life.

Breaking negative patterns

Contacting Soteldo Counsellor will help you in handling unhealthy relationship patterns like finding yourself dating the same type of people. Our counselors will help you become more aware of the relationship choices you are making in your life.

When you take stock of your past relationships and evaluating your family history, you will be able to take charge of your life and guide you in making informed choices in your future relationship interactions.

Help in re-establishing yourself

Evaluating yourself especially in terms of the ideal partner for you and the type of relationship that you are right for you is often an overwhelming situation. This scenario is usually more intense in individuals who have been single for some time. Some of the most common contributing factors in preventing you from taking the bold step include fear of rejection, self-confidence issues, and being judge for who you are.

Working with a counselor over time will assist in guiding you to figure out your ideal values and relationship ‘red flags”, which will help in choosing the right partner. The counseling process will help reestablish limiting relationship beliefs that might affect your ability to get into relationships. Certain beliefs about relationships my impede us from settling down with some people or even getting into relationships.

Understanding yourself

A counselor will help you have a better relationship with yourself., which is virtually the most important type of relationship in anyone’s life. Learning to be honest and kind with yourself will help you have good relationships with other people, especially those that you intend to get into a relationship with.

Taking charge of your feelings, thoughts, and actions is usually a hard experience. Counseling helps you work around your boundaries and discover yourself. Learning t be more assertive, having the ability to make choices, and becoming aware of yourself will result in you finding your happy place. Being in charge of yourself means that you are equipped to venture into your next relationship, making you respect and appreciate yourself and your partner.

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