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Depression Counseling #soteldotherapy

Updated: Mar 28

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For years now, it has been proven again and again the most effective way to handle a depressed person is through psychotherapy techniques and medication. Therefore, if you know somebody who might be going through depression, you should let them know that managing it is no longer a myth, but a possibility. Through counseling, they’ll be able to manage that feeling of anxiety, guilt, worthlessness, and hopelessness. Nobody should live the rest of their lives feeling unhappy, joyless, or even lose that sense of well-being.

Depression Counseling and therapy

Studies have been carried out and now we know depression is also linked to seasonal changes. In Ottawa, for example, the number of depressed persons has always gone up during winter. Medical practitioners believe that this might be due to the Seasonal Affective Disorder, which apparently becomes more prevalent during those months.

How can someone tell he or she is suffering from depression?

Well, it all starts with how you interact with those who you consider friends or family. If you’ve realized that for the past couple of days, weeks, or even months, you’ve been struggling to communicate, think, or stay focused around them, you’re probably battling depression.

The one mistake that many people often make is think that depression can only be observed after something drastic occurs. That’s not true. It’s the little things that people do, or don’t do, that act as indicators. For instance, you might find it hard to leave your room in the morning.

So, what are the causes of depression?

Different people get triggered by different events in life. Someone could fall into depression after a bad breaker, an abusive situation, a stressful move, or something that’s equally upsetting. We all know life is no bed of roses, right? And while some people have made peace with that, other haven’t. They’ll easily fall into depression, if they cannot deal with that situation or its impact on their lives.

How can counseling help a depressed person?

A psychologist or therapist will first try to make you understand what depression is, and how it’s affecting you. You’ll be told how depression is normally seen as a cycle. It’s a actually a cycle between your thoughts and the negative behavioral patterns.

The moment you start feeling hopeless, you’ll lack motivation to do anything. And that lack of motivation is what leads to inactivity. The inactivity will in turn fuel that feeling of hopelessness and eventually, perpetuate a downward spiral.

Depressed patients are often treated with anti-depressants and therapy. You’ll also quickly realize that the most common therapeutic technique used or preferred by mental health specialists is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The primary goal of this technique is to help the patient shift his or her way of thinking, and thus breaking the whole cycle of depression.

Questions to ask yourself while trying to figure out if what you’re going through is depression:

· Am I having recurring suicidal thoughts?

· How often am I irritated or angry for no apparent reason?

· Do I feel like myself?

· Do I feel hopeless or worthless?

· Are my sleeping patterns changing?

What you need to understand is, depression can be an episodic condition if treated early. But if it’s left untreated, you will live a life full of misery and pain.

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