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Emotional Triggers Leaving You Feeling Beaten Down and Raw #soteldotherapy

Updated: Mar 26

a man sitting on a bed with an emotional trigger

Do Emotional Triggers Leave You Feeling Beaten Down?

Whether at work, at home parenting, or working on a relationship, your emotions

fire and set neurological reactions that are difficult to control, let alone understand.

How would you feel when you’ve achieved a great feat at the workplace but your

boss fails to recognize your efforts? How does it feel when you are trying to tell your

kid what to do and he adamantly refuses? And how does it feel when someone

insists you did something that you didn’t do? All these things can get you quite


When your emotions get the better part of you, you may end up taking some

irrational actions. For example, you may find yourself shouting at your kids,

tendering your resignation at the workplace, or even getting into a fight. All these

aren’t worth it. That’s why you need to learn how to manage your emotions.

Here are three things you can do to control your emotions

1. Identify what triggers your emotions

When you identify what triggers you emotions, you can begin to develop an

understanding of what it means to be triggered. With this understanding, you’ll be

able to notice the situations that make your emotions shoot. This will help your brain

prepare itself whenever such a situation arises so you can easily cope without feeling


2. Recognize When Your Emotions are Triggered

When our emotions get the better of us, we tend to behave irrationally. You can turn

this around by simply recognizing the moments that you are emotional. Recognizing

fast enough that your emotions have been triggered can help you stop making

decisions until you cool down. Recognizing emotions is hte best way to be in control.

3. Sort Out Past Issues

If you are carrying a baggage of some past emotions, you may find it difficult to deal

with your present situations. So, when you’ve decided to take charge of your

emotions, you must start with a clean plate.

While it may not be possible to think about your future, you should not let negative

feeling from the past control your present life. So you need to recognize those past

issues that keep racing in your mind with an aim of sorting them out. This is the best

way to detach from your past and strt dealing wiht the present.

Tossing away those irrational anxieties and fears of the past, will give you a big relief

and will allow you to focus on only those things that matter now.


Defining your emotion triggers is the first step in taking control of your emotions.

There’s no way you can control what you don’t know. Knowing these triggers alone

isn’t enough. You also have to learn how to overcome your emotions.

Getting clear on what trigger your emotions and using this awareness is a powerful

tool you can use to manage your confusing and strong emotions. Practice the steps

above to cultivate resilience and in the long run, regain control of your emotions.

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