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Expand Your Reach....You can Aim Higher! #SoteldoPsychotherapy

Updated: Mar 27

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Expand your time horizon

Although some people try as much as they can to plan their day and tasks by keeping an updated appointment calendar, scheduled planner, to-do list, and even a PDA, keeping up to such commitments is sometimes a challenge to many. Many people struggle with time management, which in essence, is designed to promote a relaxed and happy life but ends up being a source of tension and sadness.

You must rethink the entire set up of your planning system to something easily manageable. There is a need to find an easier, more flexible, and fun schedule that you will be comfortable with each day.

Having the freedom to carry out your daily tasks is the end goal, an indication of moving from reaction to action, essentially meaning that you are in charge of all your actions.

Plan on a weekly basis

To achieve active time management, it is critical to uncouple your to-do list with your daily schedule. Try out the special to-do sheets that have planning systems and attach them next to your daily schedule. Such tasks are easily designed on the current computer appliances, making it easy to organize your tasks. Ensure you actively give priority to your to-do list to give you the freedom of carrying out your tasks.

Although the entire set up is different in terms of how you carry out your work, it revolutionizes your time management. It is important to first start by putting as much on the foldout to-do list as possible which can be carried out within a case you have to incorporate the tasks into the next week, for a beginner, do not lose sleep over it, and take charge of managing your time.

Ensure you cancel off completed items from your to-do list as you savor the moment of completing your task!

Set your big goals

By managing to assimilate the new working model and relating to your everyday schedule, it gives you the push to carry out more engaging tasks on your to-do list and making a connection with your daily activities. The fear and danger of failing to achieve or complete trivial tasks become a thing of the past as you enjoy your small victories which will eventually lead to bigger wins.

A failure to change the way you do things as you carry them out currently only results in stagnation and underachievement.

Raquel Soteldo, MA, ABA, PMP, CCC

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