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Updated: Mar 28


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Happiness Psychology

Many people often think that happiness comes naturally to someone, but that’s never really the case. You need to understand that it is an emotional or mental state that can be influenced by so many physical and biological factors. Therefore, if you’ve not been happy for a long time, maybe it’s time to try out something different, such as Happiness Therapy.

The prime goal of the whole experience is to optimize an individual’s life, so as to get them to that happy place that often sounds like a myth to many. By the way, we feel obligated to also mention that happiness is usually characterized by pleasant or positive emotions that range from contentment to intense joy.

Again, just to reiterate, happiness as a state can be influenced by external factors, including people in your social circle. So if you feel like those people are the reason as to why you always find yourself in terrible moods, you need to visit a therapist, and learn how to deal with toxic individuals in your life.

The moment you start going through books on happiness, you’ve quickly realized that different approaches have been used to define what happiness actually is, and where it comes from. Even though they all talk about different things, we decided to categorize each one of them into three groups: Philosophical, Religious, and Psychological approaches.

Psychology is basically the study of human behavior. It’s honestly a broad field, so we will have to narrow down our search to a branch known as positive psychology. In that segment, you’ll get to learn all about what’s psychologists think is good and possible in life. It is understood that living a positive lifestyle is one of the fundamental aspects in life, and that’s why you’ll find the American Constitution talk about “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.” The irony being, most of the time, the pursuit of happiness is illusive.

For eons, psychology has applied as a tool to cure or manage people who suffer from different mental illnesses, forgetting that it can also be useful to those looking for happiness. If you walk into a bookstore right now, you’ll realize that there’s only one book talking about Happiness, in every 100 books talking about depression.

As we conclude, we just want you to understand that there is no single person who was born happy. Happy people learned how to be happy, and so should you. And if you cannot learn on your own, there’s always a therapist nearby to help you.

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