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Keep things Uncomplicated and Live a Better Life....Nothing is good nor bad! #SoteldoPsychotherapy

Updated: Mar 27

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Separate Your Actions

The ability to entirely concentrate on a single thing at a time is billed as the top-secret to happy lives and success in many people. Despite having a lot on their mind, such people have found a sure way to shut out other commitments, perfectly aligning every detail in order. The secret to achieving this fete is putting the most essential commitments first.

Although the idea is quite practical and simple in theory, things become rather different in real life. Trying to settle and attend to your priorities can be impeded by daily trivial matters and numerous constant distractions. Taking the direction of time simplification is the surest promise to brand new era of self-management.

Absolute simplicity

You must define priorities suited for both your personal and professional tasks; For instance, 1 for the most essential, 2 for the task that is of secondary importance, 3 and 4 for the less critical or negligible tasks. Ensure that your priorities are not tied to time pressures, because not everything that requires urgent attention is really important. To start with, ensure that tasks with a slight chance of becoming profitable, those with absolute developmental potential with the possibility of being noticed by many people come first. The newest aspect of the method of simplification is an uncompromising simplification. Ensure that you single out 1 priority from each level daily.

Attempting to take two tasks at a go is not encouraged as it is likely to dissipate your energy. Trying out a task with your mind on the second task will lead to a weakened inner strength. To succeed, it is critical that you entirely separate one task from the next or the rest. The following techniques will help you in achieving this quest.

Keep your life free for the important things

You must make agreeable arrangements with people awaiting your input for the completion of tasks you've rated 2, 3, or lower on your to-do list. Create ample time for your top priority, rated 1. Avoid settling on unrealistic timelines, which might unnecessarily lead to a vicious circle you are entirely trying to avoid.

In as much that you might get pressured from the people or tasks you've rated lower on your priority list, it is essential that you keep calm and don't be intimidated. Be open and explain yourself out, highlighting why the said task cannot be done any quicker. Keep in mind that it is worse failing to keep deadlines that you set on your own. The most important thing is priority number one so avoid all distractions as it is the principle of keeping your life clear for the vital things.

Take action against disturbances

Keep off all likely disturbances by working in an environment free of distractions and start your day off with your priority number 1. Avoid your favourite routine tasks up until you are done with the first stage of your top priority task, after which you can reward yourself with easy activities. Encourage yourself by giving yourself an impetus as you carry out the task because things will only get better with time. By doing so, you will be fulfilling the principle of the consciously focused defense.

By completely concentrating on one task, you will reveal new levels of energy you hardly knew existed before. Focusing entirely on one priority task gives you the energy to bring out the best in you and tactfully and efficiently carry out the task to completion without distractions and glitches.

Celebrate your success

Completing your task number 1 calls for celebration, because you earned it! You can either celebrate on your own or with your colleagues and or friends. Celebrate yourself for the achievement of completing your priority task on your list. You can put aside the other tasks on your priority list and savor the moment of success and achievement, an important culmination of the project, giving you time to reflect and enjoy your efforts.

Celebrating your achievement after completing a given priority task highlights your life as a burden that you have to overcome and your daily occupation as a treadmill. Try to explore the principle of celebrating life, to make significant changes in your life.

Raquel Soteldo MA, ABA, PMP, CCC

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