Masculine and Feminine Energy - Their Importance in Our Lives!

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Masculine and Feminine

Masculine and Feminine energy has various meanings with various definitions. A clever definition of the terms is brought out figuratively as shown in the diagram ( soulselfliving )

Masculine energy focuses on Power (Strength-Weakness) while Feminine energy focuses on Love ( Caring-uncaring). I am not particular about the percentage splits of the same, although the quadrant is significant in the visualization of the complex system.

The immediate realization is that both men and women own and need the two vices, Masculine and Feminine. Irrespective of gender, a specified energy will predominantly be dominant, resulting in an imbalance.

Balance Redress

In instances where one finds themselves stuck on either side of the spectrum, their effectiveness manifests in areas best suiting our predominant energy. The individual's ineffectiveness will manifest in areas that need the opposite energy. Being able to flawlessly move between the two opposing sides can enhance the standards of our lives, our social interactions, and careers in defining ways.

There are various ways in redressing the balance, with the following three stages important to start you off;

· Acceptance

· Awareness

· Action


In instances where individuals are shaped by the environment and without the knowledge of the nature of the energy, and the presence of fear of the impact on their identity, the result is usually a repress of the emergence of the less powerful energy.

Both energy are important in shaping us as integral human beings. When we accept that we are both Feminine and Masculine, it results in full integration.


Repressing the emergence of certain types of energy results in a lack of awareness of the actual happenings. Being alert and reconnecting to the actual happenings ensures that we are sensitized in responding to signals emanating from within us. When we recognize such signals, we will be able to address the needs as they arise.


Once we are equipped with the chance to address our needs, the next step is taking action. The resulting nature of the action is usually irrelevant as it can either be big or small, expensive or inexpensive. The vital aspect is that the action results in directing you towards your objectives. Cumulative actions usually lead to significant changes.

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