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Narcissistic Personality Disorder - The Mask #Soteldotherapy #Psychoeducation

Updated: Mar 28

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Therapy for Narcissistic Personality

A high percentage of mental health-related conditions are managed with a mixture of medication and therapy. Personality disorders like NPD, on the contrary, are non-responsive to the mainstream medication. In the incidences where medications are prescribed by health professionals, they are intended to treat the symptoms of any pre-existing co-occurring disorders.

Individuals suffering from narcissistic personality disorders, there exists a program that offers personalized, group, or family therapy focusing on bringing out the best recovery possibilities. Intensified, ongoing, and prolonged therapy is essential in assisting people suffering from NPD to understand the impact of their conditions on their lives, impeding them in achieving their optimal potential. The therapy also highlights the input fronted by peers and close friends and family members which guarantees depth, context, and reaffirms a more candid personal reflection.

Mental health therapists take a gentler approach in handling narcissistic personality, largely because the condition functions as a principle of personality for people suffering from NPD. The treatment approach by the therapy professionals should be approached with a lot of caution, ensuring that the patient does not undergo a rapid experience or when they are pushed far from their horizon.

Patients suffering from narcissistic personalities work in combination with therapists in the identification of behaviors and attitudes that lead to stress, dissatisfaction, and conflict in the individual’s life. Throughout the recovery process, therapists work by encouraging the NPD patients t take constructive action in negating the impact of the symptoms of their condition. This approach by the therapist ensures that the individual suffering from NPD receives practical advice and instructions which will greatly help them in their life journey.

The therapist that works with narcissistic patients should endeavor to create a conducive environment for their clients which is devoid of judgmental attitudes and solely focus on providing solutions for the patient’s condition. This approach is essential in the therapy process as it builds trust between the caregiver and the patient, contributing to a more practical and constructive dialogue between the two.

Evidence-based therapy treatment programs for individuals suffering from narcissistic personality disorder are often inclusive of the following;

· Family therapy- the behavior exhibited by patients with NPD often greatly affects families as they do to individuals. It is essential therefore that the treatment process is inclusive of loved ones to help the NPD sufferers comprehend the real impact of their self-centered behavior.

· Cognitive behavior therapy- by undergoing the various CBT sessions, the individuals suffering from NPD can be able to learn to get rid of grandiose and distorted thoughts and gaining constructive and realistic ideas and undergo self-reflections

· Psychodynamic therapy- The therapy sessions in Psychodynamic helps NPD patients to reflect on their past experiences and reevaluate problematic relationships and also examine unconscious assumptions they had about themselves and any other attitudes supporting their narcissistic behaviors.

In most instances, individuals suffering from narcissistic personality disorder are usually not responsive to therapy, something that is experienced in the early therapy stages. Mental health experts must go the extra mile in ensuring that NPD patients fully agree with the set treatment plan through cooperation.

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