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Not everything is possible! Stop searching for Perfection. Soteldo Counseling - Self-Development!

Updated: Mar 27

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One of the myths of the current industrial society is that "perfection is achievable", a doctrine hammered into our subconscious minds by repeated advertisements. Some of the exhibited examples propagated by the advertisements to project perfection include flawless healthy body, perfect home setting, and the ultimate financial plan suitable for our golden years.

In the real world, perfection is just that, a myth, rare, fleeting, and achievable only by chance. In instances of supposed perfect systems, like space cars, they do not function 100% accurately. Such systems are designed to function "almost" perfectly because all the systems are multiple, and through redundancy, each system was initially designed with imperfection in mind.

Car dealers and manufacturers report instances of people who come in to buy new cars and opt to exchange whole parts of their vehicles simply because of the existence of a tiny scratch. This scenario is replicated in the lives of many people who expect extreme perfection from themselves. Such people harbor merciless judge within with their inner voices loudest coming alive when they make a mistake, leading them to constantly question their abilities.

The simple solution to those striving for perfection is that they should avoid aiming for perfection, but be unique and competent in their deeds. Ensuring that you release yourself into relaxed normality should be the ultimate goal, and also learn to live with other people's faults. Listen less to your inner voice, ensure you reduce self-judgment, and be magnanimous with your existence.

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