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Sexual Abuse Psychotherapy #Soteldotherapy

Updated: Mar 28

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Were you abused, and now you feel the need to see a therapist? Reach out to us at Soteldo Psychotherapy. And if it is an abused family member or friend who needs help, ask them to book an appointment with us. We have trained and empathic sexual abuse counselors who have the knowledge and experienced required in handling sexual abuse cases.

A lot of the time people often ask how a sexual abuse counseling session can help a victim cope or become better, and this is what we always say; anyone who has been taken advantage of will always show symptoms. Some of these symptoms are visible to the naked eye while others are not. Sexual abuse counseling is important because it often helps victims relieve these symptoms and live healthier lives. In addition, the sessions will help you heal the relation that you have with your inner self and others.

What about child sexual abuse?

Yes, sexual abuse counseling can help debunk the myths associated with that as well. For example, people normally believe that the abuser is someone who’s not familiar to the child. There’s no iota of truth in that. The fact of the matter is, a good percentage of child abusers are people well known to them, and close family members. The perpetrator could even be one of the family members. It is this breach of trust that usually compels the victim to self-destruct. They not only feel betrayed by family, but also by the entire world.

The abused will beat themselves up for letting it happening, not knowing they are not to blame. And even though women make up the largest percentage of abused victims, men make up the numbers as well. In fact, men usually find themselves in worse situations due to misunderstandings surrounding male sexuality, myths, and societal pressure to stay num.

Symptom of sexual abuse

Someone who’s been sexually abused in the past will always find it difficult to establish healthy sexual relationships later on in life. Functioning in life the way normal people do will feel like an uphill battle, and without treatment, they could fall into depression.

Our counselors can help you process what you went through, and establish healthy relationships with loved ones.

Are you wondering if sexual abuse counseling is what could help you deal with that trauma? Ask yourself these questions:

· Is the abuse I experienced as a child affecting me in any way?

· Was I recently assaulted?

· Do I always feel anxious whenever I want to get intimate with my partner?

· Do I feel damaged after the abuse?

· Has life become more difficult?

If most of the answers are ‘yes,’ you should reach out to us.

Call for an appointment at 613-400-0128

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