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Some things are just not worth it, leave #perfectionism behind! #SoteldoPsychotherapy!

Updated: Mar 27

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Rid your life of perfectionism

Many people dream of being slimmer, more beautiful, clever, or richer, believing that such factors will make them happier in life. The reality is that such aspirations only result in frustrations, worry, and unhappiness, a discovery made by counselors Enid Howarth and Jan Tras from Albuquerque. The two experts said that the drive to leading a perfect life is a vicious illusion. Such aspirations only result in tying up energy instead of providing an impetus, encouraging people into moving into an imperfection that is happy and relaxed. Accepting the realities of life with the flaws, defects, and challenges that come with it, and integrating such aspects results in a more fulfilling life.

Life is full of blunders that are either large or small. A research carried out at the University of New Mexico showcased how excessive meticulousness results in people getting sick and also leads to economic damage. Finding a balance between the sloppiness and perfections in life eventually leads to a simplified and happier life, saving you a lot of money.

“Better Immediately” Principle

The principle of Better Immediately is remarkably exhibited in our everyday lives. Some of the most practical scenarios that highlight this principle include;1; planning to and later skipping the idea picking up dirt in your house because it would not change much. Scenario 2 is deciding to pick up the dirt from the floor and throwing it away immediately.

The first instance exemplifies perfectionism. Refusing to execute your initial plan of picking up the dirt and assuming it will not change much means that the actual problem remains unresolved.

The second reaction showcases a simple and straightforward solution to the problem. The advantages of this second approach are that it offers a direct solution to the problem and does not result in you postponing attending to the problem.

Samuel Brunner, a reputable Swiss consultant, impresses this key goal on company managers groomed for total quality from their employees and their firms because it is a necessary approach and not the better option. Having the courage to leave gaps and being brave enough to improvise is the ultimate way of getting rid of perfectionism.

Raquel Soteldo MA, ABA, PMP, CCC

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