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Do you major in psychology and counseling, and you’re also interested in athletics? Well, you’ll be happy to learn that there’s something called sports counseling. And at its basic level, it’ all about interacting with kids, and after school programs.

But we’re not going to get into advanced sports counseling today because it’s a totally different beast in the sense that it helps academically inclined students excel in specific fields, and make careers out of them.

So, what exactly is sports psychology?

In simpler words, sports psychology is the study of how sports influence an athlete’s psychological persona, and how psychological factors affect their performance. As an applied field, it studies coaching, personality, team dynamics, and performance. For instance, a sport psychologist could try to figure out what personality traits contribute to or detract from performance. Or they could consult with a coach, and together, try to find out why a team is experiencing difficulties working as a unit.

What are the duties of an entry-level sports counselor?

A psychology student who’s still trying to get his or her footing in the world of sports, will most of the time work for day camps, non-profits, schools, and organizations that offer sports services to kids and the youth. Some of their responsibilities will include actively participating in different programs, teaching athletic techniques, and more importantly, supervising various groups of children. They are there to help the kids and teens develop social, physical, and athletic skills. In addition to this, you will find them playing mediatory roles from time to time, to help the kids act or behave properly.

It’s not easy being an entry-level sports counselor without the knowledge require or experience. You have to know how to prepare, organize, and lead athletics or programs. Also, try to work with a diverse demographic group, if you wish to learn more about different personalities in sports.

Were you a high school or college athlete back in the day? Do you think you possess excellent judgment and sensitivity towards safety? Well, then you’re the best candidate to be a sports counselor.

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