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Staying Pro-Active as a Teen #SoteldoPsychotherapy #Counseling

Updated: Mar 28

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Being proactive - Andrea Shirazi

Life's hard as a teenager, sometimes it can be a lot and cause you to feel as though the world is against you, when it isn't. One of the key steps in overcoming this feeling through personal growth is to become proactive. Being proactive means being able to realize when you are in the wrong, and being able to take responsibility for your life and the events that occur, whether positive or negative, rather than watching things happen and looking for other sources to blame. Having the right mindset will change your life.

Some ways you can practice being proactive include

  • Journaling events that happen, explaining why they've happened. Sometimes writing things down helps the mind recall and realize things you may have missed.

  • Having new year resolutions, thinking of ways that can help better yourself as a person and putting those into action is so beneficial to your journey of growth.

  • Prioritizing the things that are most impactful and important to you, realizing what needs to be put first and what can wait.

  • Trying to look at things that occur from others perspectives, whether it's the perspective of someone involved or a general third person perspective (think of this perspective as a narrator!). This helps you take a step back and truly see everything for what it is and how you've played your part.

Raquel Soteldo RP(Q), MA, ABA, PMP, CCC

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