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Stress Ain't Worth It! Live Fearlessly! #SoteldoPsychotherapy Can help!

Updated: Mar 27

woman feeling stressed or tired while working at her computer

Lower your stress limit

In the work environment, “I can handle this” is usually regarded as a positive statement. Being able to perform and deliver results while overwhelmed with great pressure is viewed as exemplary. Books and seminars related to stress management channel their education on how one can thrive in a situation where the stress limit is raised. Simplification presents a contrary approach, which focuses on you standing by your weaknesses.

One critical law that you can easily identify with concerning simplification states; the level of stress to which you are exposed is inversely proportional to your capacity to handle the particular stress. In relatable scenarios, people that are deemed capable of handling stress and openly declare it is piled with more stressful tasks and scenarios until they can barely handle it and break down.

You must take note of signs that indicate that you are experiencing more pressure than you can humanly handle. Such signs can are obvious in many spheres of our lives, meaning it is easy to recognize the connection first. Some of the most notable signals include health-related problems, for instance, issues with your stomach, back, and heart. Another red flag that you should take note of is a decrease in work performance at your job, resulting in psychological and emotional abuse from constant harassment and mobbing from colleagues.

Another area that you will easily notice alarming signs is your relationship with your loved ones. For instance, you may start experiences relationship troubles, rebellious children and issues like separation or divorce arises in marriages. You may also start exhibiting depressive moods which might result in substance abuse like excessive alcohol intake, indulgence in drugs, and engaging in addictive hobbies. You must pay careful attention to such dangerous and alarming signs that signal overwhelming stress levels.

Raquel Soteldo, MA, ABA, PMP, CCC

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