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What Will Your Child Say About 2020? #SoteldoPsychotherapy #Counseling

Updated: Mar 26

A doctor in protective gear giving a high five to a young patient in a medical office.

Life went on normally until late 2019 when coronavirus happened. Imagine your child in

10, 20, 30, or 40 years to come, what will he say about 2020?

This year’s (2020) events have been challenging, disrupting, disturbing, and shocking.

This has been a very decisive and frightening year. Families continue to struggle, with

some breadwinners having to face the embarrassment of failing to put something on the

table for their families. 

Children have been forced to live a life they were never used to. They feel frightened

and wonder why they can no longer go to school, play with other children, or have the

family outings they used to enjoy at the beaches. Some have lost their parents, while

others have lost their siblings, yet others have lost parents, siblings, and even friends.

Some children can talk about their fears and worries, while others choose to keep quiet.

Whatever the case, what they observe and feel soon manifests itself in their lives as

emotional or behavioral changes. Some kids who used to be extroverts have now

become introverts. Some have collapsed under the intense pressure caused by COVID-


The year has also witnessed changes, innovations, unprecedented decisions, resiliency,

and above all, hopes. New businesses have sprung up, while others have devised new

ways to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people who used to work in offices

are now working from home, while those who lost their jobs have established online


What will the children remember?

We still go back to the question of how today’s children report about this year (2020).

Will they look back at it with fond memories or painful memories? What significant

things will come into their minds when they’ll look back at 2020? 

Some will remember vividly the fears they faced and how their parents struggled. They

will never forget the friends and siblings who passed on. They’ll remember the months

they had to stay under lockdowns, and the school days they lost.

Jake, an 8-year-old kid, says what he’ll never forget is how his parents went through a

tumultuous divorce which forced them to fight over his custody. He’ll remember the lies

associated with the divorce. He’ll also remember how he took nine months without

seeing his sister, who was away in a different state.

Steven began a hormonal transition in January 2020, and because of the COVID-19

outbreak, everything took an ugly turn. He could only meet his doctor online (no face-to-

face meetings). He explains that his transition to being a female during this pandemic

had many challenges he’ll never forget. 

Alison, a 9-year-old kid, actually contracted the virus. Fortunately, she survived but had

to undergo a 6-month therapy. This is something she’ll never forget.

We can go on and on, but as you can see, each child has a unique story. There’s

something that touched their lives during this pandemic that they can never forget. 

What will your child say about 2020? Maybe it’s time you find out. Ask your child about

his fears and worries during this pandemic, specifically something they have experienced

that they feel they’ll never forget.

Raquel Soteldo RP(Q), MA, ABA, PMP, CCC

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