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Why is Self-Care Difficult? #soteldotherapy

Updated: Mar 26

a woman sitting on a yoga mat for self-care


The moment you start thinking about self-care, it means you’ve realized your life is

moving in the wrong direction, and you need some form of behaviour change. We all

know it’s good to take care of ourselves, it takes some sacrifices. You must be willing

to move out of your comfort zone.

You must learn how to adopt new routines like getting out of bed on time, having

haircuts, going for medical checkups, cleaning your teeth, checking what you eat,


Here are a few more things you need to know about self-care.

1. Self-care Needs Effort

Being faithful to your health-care program needs some effort. Keeping up with your

fitness routine, preparing a healthy meal, shopping for the right stuff, and planning

your time, all require effort and discipline.

You need self-care most when you are tired, you have to exert yourself so you can

do that thing that you don’t feel like doing. For example, when you feel like you

don’t want to go to the gym, remember that self-care needs effort and discipline.

Force yourself to go to the gym even if you don’t feel like it.

2. Shame

Do you know that self-care brings shame and a feeling of guilt? First, you might feel

ashamed and guilty for failing to do what you know is right for you to do. You might

also feel ashamed just by thinking that you don’t deserve the compassion and care

that you want to offer yourself.

Guilt and shame are toxic elements to self-care and can result in self-loathing.

Sometimes self-care may make you feel like you are self-centered or selfish.

However, this feeling of guilt shouldn’t stop you from doing what’s right. There’s

nothing wrong with loving yourself.

3. Confusion with Self-Care

Don’t let self-care confuse you. The moment you start feeling unhappy or guilty with

your self-care indulgence, then it’s no longer self-care but self-harm, depending on

how you relate with what you are doing. One activity can be helpful to one person

and harmful to the next person.

Take, for example, hitting the gym. For someone who works out to keep fit going to

the gym isn’t a big deal. But if you go to the gym with the aim of losing weight fast,

you may find yourself overdoing it to achieve your goal. This may end up being

harmful to your body. The bottom line is to do things in moderation and not to go

overboard with your self-care program.

4. You May Set Yourself Up for Failure

It is in our character to set goals that we can’t achieve. Not only that, but we also

tend to have high expectations that the efforts we put in can not achieve. That’s why

whenever you embark on a self-care journey, you must have realistic goals and

expectations. Getting frustrated that you can’t achieve your goals can make you give



Self-care is important for your well-being. The earlier you start thinking about it.

Since it touches on your health, don’t wait until it’s too late. To make things easier

for you, choose activities that you like to do and do them in moderation.

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