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You Know You ARE Worth it, Right? Reminder Alert - YOU ARE! #SoteldoPsychotherapy

Updated: Mar 27

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You are worth more than what you do

One of the creeds largely promoted by trainers globally is that 'you are what you achieve", a dangerous half-truth statement. While it is true that those that are active and put effort into themselves have better output in a personal and social sense than their counterparts who suffer life passively, it is not entirely correct. By defining yourself by what you only do, then there is no chance to actively enjoy your personality. On your journey to leading a simplified life, you will keep judging yourself, viewing numerous opportunities outside of what you are limited to in your activities.

If you let your work define your life, there will be a huge imbalance. The following test will help you figure out if how you rate on the life balance. Real happiness will only happen when you can completely devote yourself appropriately in all spheres of your life.


Answer the following questions with either a YES or NO;

Ø Am I always too busy?

Ø Do I sometimes do more than what I am humanly possible to do?

Ø Do I know what boredom is?

Ø Does exhaustion lift your moods?

Ø Is your scheduled too tight that you cannot allow anything to go wrong?

Ø Do you often have pain in the neck, shoulders, or back?

Ø Are you amazed at how quickly you do certain tasks?

Ø Do you love the feeling of being financially and exceptionally secure?

If your answer is YES to more than half of the questions, then you might be striving too much more than what you can do.

The solution to this case is to carefully evaluate your life by including relationships, health, and search for the true meaning of life that is inclusive of pleasure, work, and achievements. Ensure you break down strict rules that you set for yourself once in a while and engage in something ecstatic. Give a listening eye to your friends, colleagues, and family as you involve yourself in things that give you fun, out from those that normally generate money or success.

Raquel Soteldo MA, ABA, PMP, CCC

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