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* Psychologically-based, true and tested methods to match two individuals, setting them up for success from the beginning!

Love Love Love 

Love is one of the most wanted yet most unattained concepts in this world. We want it badly, and yet, we use Free apps to search for it. We yearn for it, and yet we engage with people who are only short-term or just fun to be around with. LOVE is a Dimond, learn to appreciate it as such, to seek it with passion, and to use seduction to attract your love quest. 

Invest in your Love Life today!

Love can be an easy thing to attain, if only you use the right tools. Here at Soteldo Therapy, we use several things to match you with your potential loved one:

1. Psychology-based Personality Tests

2. Love Language Tests 

3. Sex Language Tests

4. Attachment Style Tests

5. Commitment Readiness Test

6. Social Skills Test

7. Relationship Frequency Test

8. Astrological and Chinese Philosophy Test

9. Relationship Satisfaction Test

10. Jealousy Test

11. Seduction/Romantic Test

12. Family of Original Compatibility Test

13. Frequency/Vibration Test

We cater to men and women who are 30 years of age and older. We run background checks for all participants. We pre-screen everyone and the match is done prior to the event. We coach you and observe you putting into practice all your newly founds skills and enlightenment. If the match happens, great! You come back for counseling and we continue to set your romantic foundation in place. If the match does not happen, great too! We learn from the behaviours and emotions shown during the process and continue the search. This is always going to be a WIN-WIN situation!



Rule Number two = SEDUCE, SEDUCE, SEDUCE!

Rule Number Three = Invest in Love

It has the Highest Return-On-Your-Investment (ROI)!

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