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Treatment Plan

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Pink Blossom


  • Alcohol dependence

  • Dissociative disorder

  • Gender identity disorder

  • Identity disorder of childhood

  • No diagnosis on Axis I

  • Person with feared complaint, no diagnosis made

  • Sleep-related dissociative disorder


  • Integrate the various personalities.

  • Reduce the frequency and duration of dissociative episodes.

  • Resolve the emotional trauma that underlies the dissociative disturbance.

  • Reduce the level of daily distress caused by dissociative disturbances.

  • Regain full memory.

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Behavioral Definitions

  • The existence of two or more distinct personality states that recurrently take full control of one's behavior.

  • An episode of the sudden inability to remember important personal identification information that is more than just ordinary forgetfulness.

  • Persistent or recurrent experiences of depersonalization; feeling as if detached from or outside of one's mental processes or body during which reality testing remains intact.

  • Persistent or recurrent experiences of depersonalization; feeling as if one is automated or in a dream.

  • Depersonalization sufficiently severe and persistent as to cause marked distress in daily life.


  • Alcohol Dependence

  • Dissociative Identity Disorder

  • Dissociative Amnesia

  • Depersonalization Disorder

  • Dissociative Disorder NOS

  • Diagnosis Deferred

  • No Diagnosis

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