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CRPO-Based for Opening a Private Practice  Psychotherapist, Social Worker and Counselor. Ontario-Only

About this event

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HI! My theory is "let us be influenced by the solutions and less by the problems". YOU have the power within you to accomplish anything you wish because just when the caterpillar thought it was over, she became her best self, a butterfly!

Welcome to the Workshop by Soteldo Therapy. This is a workshop aimed at coaching you on opening your own business, we will create a business plan together that will be eligible for a start-up loan or simply as a map directing you efficiently through every step of opening your private practice.

This is going to be the most innovative workshop you have ever attended because you will ultimately walk out with the following:

1. Twelve (8) hours of intense work on your business plan, with one-on-one coaching and strategizing.

2. Use this as self-learning to meet the Quality Assurance hours with CRPO.

3. Learn all of the CRPO standards and competencies that match your intention to open your own business.

4. Let’s create your business plan together. Interactive. Know exactly where to market, what social media accounts to open, how to register your business for HST, how to register your business as a corporation or sole-proprietor, among so many more.

5. Get a free coaching session following up on our workshop together. Let’s assess and review, and create new steps moving forward

6. Let’s also review your credit report, assess what debts can and cannot be removed, and devise a quick payment plan to remedy your credit. Bring your credit report to our workshop

Learning Objectives:

1. The regulations behind the business.

2. The Target Audience and how to captivate them!

3. The platforms you will need to have active for success.

4. The Adwords game and how to play it right and cheaply.

5. Investing and earning!

6. The exposure you need.

7. The credentials you need to succeed!

8. The infrastructure you will need, or not!

9. The demand and supply, how to meet the demand! and what are the demands?

10. The Financials

11. The supervision piece!

12. The Retention techniques and how does the cycle work.

Who am I? What do I bring to the table? 

Soteldo Psychotherapy, Counseling and Consulting, RP, ABA, MA, CCC, PMP

I am running my private practice in Ottawa and have been since I graduated in March 2020. As COVID began, I started my business journey in this industry. It took two offices, several hours of non-paid research, calling connections, trying out different pricing strategies, different marketing platforms, and all of the CRPO specifics regarding progress notes, files, finances, insurance, and standards for interacting with clients, among many more.

What's my background? Maybe you think it was easy for me. It was not at all. I have a family to care for on a full-time basis, I had a job to upkeep to pay the bills, had just finished the internship at Yorkville so I was broke. I found the strength to do this and hope to infect you with the same joy, peace and determination I have had to open this business.

What have I accomplished to date? After 100+ clients coming through my office, I have had a regular schedule with people coming regularly for about 4 years now. I have had to increase prices gradually, with all of the regulatory rules in mind. I have learned about communicating with clients, how to schedule, what software to use, and the provincial regulations on zoom calls, text message, Whatsapp messenger, and more. I have a strong, secure, and, most importantly, helpful therapeutic relationship with all my clients. Also, after many supervision and direct client contact hours, I have learned so much about this skill, and I genuinely love it! Helping professionals work hard, and there are almost no days off! But we keep pushing!

Description of workshop:

This is going to be a super-dynamic 4-week course where we embark in the journey of opening your private practice together. We will work on your business plan together, you will get a free hour coaching follow-up consulting session with me, and we will review and assess your credit report and see what can be done there!

In this workshop, We will be together for 2 hours each day, four days in total and four weeks in total. We will have independent and collective time to work on things one step at a time, everything will be guided, you will not be alone ever. We will also of course have question and answer phases throughout the workshop to tackle the main concerns you may have.

This workshop will be completing the Business Plan, the website structure, the ad avenues, the CRPO standards and competencies; we will conduct a SWOT analysis, make sure you are building your credentials and portfolio, as well as personal branding image for the business. We will also be working on your competitive advantage and go in detail into a spectrum that I created, the compassion-based marketing tactic. You will learn more about this in the workshop.

What are some other things you will be learning about with me?

1. Incorporate versus sole-proprietor

2. HST/GST and corporate taxes

3. Permits from CRPO re: advertising.

4. Domain name and website hosting.

5. Supervisors: CRPO-approved, how to charge insurance to clients, what type of supervisor do you need for insurance? is it the same one you will need for supervision with clients? and so much more on this! My journey will be highlighted.

6. Advertising, campaigns, techniques, strategies, learning curves, and more!

I am a clinical member of the College for Registered Psychotherapists, the Ontario Society of Registered Psychotherapists and the Canadian Counseling and Psychotherapy Association. I work with different modalities, including Psychoanalysis, Mindfulness CBT, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Applied Behavioural Analysis.

I run several workshops throughout the year. Psychoeducation is a big part of my practice as I believe in spreading knowledge to empower others.

Expanding your Private Practice and Getting More Clients

Finding a Placement for Your MACP Practicum

MACP Student Mentorship Program

Registered Psychotherapists, Social Workers and Counselors Coaching and Business Mentorship Program

Business credit assessment and revival pre-operating a business

Expanding your marketing tactics while operating your private practice as a registered psychotherapist

Education Background

Psychology Honours Bachelors Degree with a Minor in Culture, Language and Media from York University

Project Management Professional Degree from Fanshawe College

Applied Behavioural Analysis Post-Graduate Degree from Algonquin College

Master's in Arts in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University

Specialty Training

Mindfulness Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and ADHD

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Rumination

Assist in Suicidality Training

Crisis Intervention Training

Somatic Therapy Training

Feel free to also email at and may have to follow up with a text since sometimes emails go to the junk box.

Course Content - Beginner

Target Audience: Psychologists, Social Workers, MFTs, Helping Professionals, Counselors, Psychotherapists and more.

Please verify with CCPA to see if you can receive CE hours for this. Also review with EMDRIA has well.

*If you have special needs, disability or concerns, please email me at

No refunds

If you are interested in attending, please email me. Thank you!

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