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Young Couple

Areas of Expertise -
Narcissistic Abuse Recovery 
Antagonistic Dynamic Abuse Recovery


Raquel Soteldo, RP, MA, ABA, PMP

Psychotherapy is the overall process we engage in together. We work through your narrative using Psychoanalysis, developed by Dr. Signmund Freud. Its a method of seeing your story, connecting the dots from your childhood, seeing the repetition that may have become a pattern in your life, and understanding then, why your behaviour is impacting you the way it is. Together, we see that you hold the power in this healing journey.

Couples Psychotherapy

You will get from a point of being unable to communicate because of your emotions and thoughts - to a point where your can be heard clearly, with clear boundaries and solutions. With a Solution-Focused Therapeutic Intervention, the goal is to reach the 5-to-1 rule (Make Love 5 times, Make War Once). The goal is also to work on the JND (Just Noticeable Difference). Together, we will examine the patterns of behaviour, the triggers the Pavlovian responses that have, up to now, resulted in automatic responses that have not been functional or healthy. Let's turn them around together. 

Individual Psychotherapy

I work with individuals who are either single, in a relationship, in a situation-ship and/or in complicated partnerships. We work together to get you to a point of peace, a place where you can communicate and be heard, respect and be respected and more importantly, live and let live. During these sessions, we talk about your past, present and future. We engage in CBT and attempt to heal your wounds to begin to see your current relationships from a different perspective.

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