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Price: $49 

Location: Virtual

Facilitator: Raquel Soteldo RP, CCC, PMP, ABA

Covered by Insurance

Virtual Narcissistic Workshops and Support Groups

I wanted to commend you for taking this step forward. You are strong and brave and deserve to be treated well. You deserve happiness and to be loved as you wish to be loved. No more head games, no more sadness, no more future faking, NO MORE NARC ABUSE! Say it loudly with me.... NO MORE NARC ABUSE... I AM SETTING MYSELF FREE!

As you know, my name is Raquel Soteldo. I am a Registered Psychotherapist. I have been studying Narcissism, Sociopathy and Psychopathy for about 20 years. My undergraduate thesis was Intergenerational Narcissism and this was written in 2010. My first degree was when I was 17 years old at Prince George's Community College in Maryland and was in criminology with a focus on sociopathy and psychopathy.


After my undergraduate degree at York University, I studied several things all with a focus on learning more about narcissism. I studied Applied Behavioural Analysis and learned about many correlations of the personality disorder (Narcissism) and Autism and ADHD, as well as Alcohol Fetal Syndrome and Oppositional Defiance Disorder. I then completed a Master's Degree in Counselling Psychology where I learned so much about the practical ways to help individual victims of Narcs and Narcs themselves.


I am now looking forward to starting a Doctorate in Counselling Psychology where I will continue to expand my knowledge and practical awareness on the subject even further, training other therapists to also be able to help individual narc abuse recover and live a better, healthier and more peaceful life. I plan on working on a manual or book to help victims rise out of the abuse!

I myself have been around narcs my entire life. I have had to grow up with the coldness and violence of individuals who suffer from this personality disorder. I also saw it evolve from generation to generation. I suffered a whole lot later in my life as well as I too became a victim of the romance scam that narcs are so infamous for.


I know and understand how one can become stuck in the mental prison that is dating and being the family member of a narc, sociopath and psychopath. This is all to say that I sympathize with you. I believe you. I know how hard it is but I also want to tell you that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you will come out stronger, better, more self-aware, more evolved and absolutely loving yourself after the abuse. It will take time sure, it took me years upon years to figure this out but I am here, standing strong and I know you can too!

I wish you the best recovery and know that you are not alone!


Class 1: Monday 6 pm - 7 pm EST. 

Support group: Monday 7-8pm

The Recognition Phase: Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Sociopathy and Psychopathy. Discover who is the narcissist in your life, recognize the symptoms, understand the condition and what it can do to you in the long run. Using psychological theories from Freud and Kohut, among others. We will also be looking at different psychological assessments that could help us in our regular lives to recognize who is the narcissist in our life.


Class 2: Monday 6 pm - 7 pm EST. 

Support group: Monday 7-8pm

The Exposure Phase: When you know, should you expose the Narcissist? Now that you know they have this condition, what do you do? Recognize the red flags, understand how you are trauma bonded and it is not what social media wants you to think. Flying Monkeys, the exposure rage, Silent Treatment, Retaliation and more.

Class 3: Monday 6 pm - 7 pm EST. 

Support group: Monday 7-8pm

The Separation Phase: Living with the enemy - After the suffering is done, do you seek therapy? But, breaking loose seems so impossible! Psychotherapeutic Interventions, Crisis Plans, Present Moment Awareness, Safety Plans.

Class 4: Monday 6 pm - 7 pm EST. 

Support group: Monday 7-8pm

The END or expecting Hoover? How to stop being the nice person all the time -Learn what the appeal is to these forms of attachment. See what the past has taught you and where your attachment and love language is leading you. Do you need to form new habits or should you continue in the same behavioural patterns that led you to this situation to begin with? What about your parental attachment styles? Discover your boundaries and become more assertive.

Class 5: Monday 6 pm - 7 pm EST. 

Support group: Monday 7-8pm

Walk Away! It is an Addiction: How to detach - techniques to let go, move on and become whole again. Gain back your identity. Become the person you always wanted to be, or who you were before (but better). Create your support network. Adapting to life after Narc Abuse is filled with paranoia, psychosis, high anxiety, high depression, potential substance abuse and more. Let's do this!


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Also, the general feeling behind this workshops is simple: NON_JUDGEMENTAL, NON_SHAMEFUL, transparent and supportive! So, we are all here to share our own stories and create a community so we don't feel so alone in this journey of trying to escape, recover or live with a narcissist!

See you soon and stay safe out there!

Raquel Soteldo RP, MA, ABA, CCC, PMP

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