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Updated: Mar 28

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With over 15 years’ experience as a coach, I specialize in providing private counseling sessions for those in need of a comprehensive approach to therapy. In my years of service as a therapist, one of my treatment approaches has been the use of astrology as a way of gaining deeper insight into the client’s basic needs with the aim of helping them understand themselves better.

In the last decade, I have served as a consultant therapist who endeavors to offer advice in a holistic a deeper manner to clients. In my field of work as both a consultant and therapist, my main emphasis has been that the knowledge base and skills of the service provider must entail three distinct fields into one. The three fields include psychology, spirituality, and philosophy. The three were integrated into one, helping therapists combine the knowledge of the past with the one that we currently have.

Astrological counseling does not entail "reading", as believed by many in the general public. Many people's perspective of astrology is that it solely entails information got from newspapers relating to the Sun-sign and how such aspects might affect your day or life. Although this is the view of many people, there are a few people with the knowledge and understanding of how astrology functions, and that it is much more than Sun-signs information from newspapers.

While many people only seek astrologers help in trying to know what might happen soon, astrology in itself has a deeper meaning generally. Astrology can be used to reveal the true meaning of one’s existence. The revelation showcased on a chart; features layers only shown apiece every given time.

One astrological reading or form of consultation comes with many benefits, including offering insight and understanding of astrology. During such readings on consultative sit-ins, one can have an understanding of the problems we are currently facing. The readings can also provide comprehension of what the current transits are revealing to us and how you can use this knowledge to solve different problems. It is important to note that a single consultation is not sufficient to offer a detailed insight into astrology. Within an hour or so, only a small portion of information can be shared and understood.

The birth chart featured in astrology reveals a multi-layered domain that an individual can extensively explore during their lifetime. The more you delve into astrology, the more you get a grasp of what it entails in detail. A deeper understanding of astrology provides an awareness that eventually results in enhanced levels of consciousness and having a better understanding of how the world functions. A combination of astrology and psychology has been proven to be effective.

The aim of astrological counseling

Astro counseling has several goals that it aims to achieve which include the following;

· Acceptance of oneself- astrology counseling helps self-discovery, making us see ourselves for who we are, and accepting ourselves. The revelation includes having an understanding of our personalities and our purpose in the universe. The acceptance revealed in Astro-counselling does not negate taking responsibility, but aims at helping us have a positive outlook which eventually results in a wholesome change.

· Discovery of the purpose of life- one of the main aspects of astrology is aiding in the discovery of one's life purpose. astrology helps in providing an understanding of our life's purpose and why we exist. Developing the sense of that there exists a purpose for our lives is in itself a beginning of an evolutionary process, giving us an understanding of why we exist. The discovery also helps in identifying measures that we can focus on to enhance our goal of understanding our purpose in life.

· Taking crisis as opportunities- going through a crisis helps us have an understanding of how difficult situations can reveal to us our untapped potentials. The revelation aids in propelling us to unimagined life prospects that we did not exist. Astrological counseling focusses on using a crisis to show our unfulfilled potentials as indicated by the astrological birth chart and highlight ways to practically utilize them. Although this approach is difficult, it takes time to learn and achieve results.

· Focusing on identifying your developmental phase- it is essential to identify the exact developmental phase that an individual is in their current stage of life. The right approach is understanding what each phase entails, intending to be improving our response towards crises in life. We learn through our life experiences, some of which are unpleasant and hard.

· Locating the right way- discovering the right way of perceiving obstacles which are life obstacles and gaining the ability to doing away with such challenges. Astro-counselling guides us in the discovery of what route our life should take for us to know our true potentials.

· The revelation of the multi-layered nature of an individual's psyche- having a self-understanding is featured in Astro-counselling, which reveals the layers of our psyche in different steps. Through the various steps, we can learn more about ourselves.

Raquel Soteldo RP(Q), MA, ABA, PMP, CCC

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