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Can Anxiety Be Caused By Good Stress? #soteldotherapy

Updated: Mar 26

a man hugging his daughter to reduce anxiety


You might wonder what good stress is, but imagine how you would feel if you’ve

been told that you’ve won a lottery worth millions of dollars. Good news like this will

stress you up, and the stress will be accompanied by anxiety.

Consider starting a new relationship, a new job, a fun-seeking adventure, or even a

life-changing event. All these are instances that bring joy into your life, but they

somehow cause uncomfortable feelings of anxiety.

Here are four ways in which you can handle stress and anxiety.

1. Anxiety Shows You care

The more you care about a person or a thing, the more anxious you can feel about

them. This anxiety gives you the motivation to protect that which you care about.

When you’ve just received the news that you’ve won the lottery, your mind will start

racing. You’ll be asking yourself whether you’ll actually receive the cash or not, and

even after receiving it, you'll be confused about how to spend it, and fear will set in.

2. Worrying About an Experience is Slithery

Anxiety is the fear of the unknown and is caused by stress, good or bad. You can use

anxiety as a trigger for you to take some action, rather than idling around worrying

yourself to death.

For example, if you are anxious about a deadline to be met, ask yourself what you

can do right now to help beat the deadline. If the deadline can’t be met, then start

working on something that can remedy the situation.

3. The Way You Consider Stress Can Lower Your Anxiety

Stressors will make you feel uncomfortable, but don’t consider them to be harmful.

Scientists have shown that the way you think about stress will determine how it will

impact you. Considering stress as a companion that’s helping you to focus on your

goals is the best way to reduce the anxiety associated with stress.

4. Keep Anxiety Healthy

There’s no way you can avoid anxiety. Not all anxieties are unhealthy, some can be

healthy depending on how you think about them. Healthy anxiety alerts you about a

conflict or problems in your life and motivates you to take some action and keep

focused until you solve the problem. Healthy anxiety makes you accountable for

your actions but in a friendly manner.

Unhealthy anxiety is one that harasses and overwhelms you. Unhealthy anxiety

causes intense fear and may actually be harmful to your health. If anxiety becomes

persistent, the best way to handle it is to think about how important it is to you. If

you think positively about anxiety, it will not escalate to dangerous levels.


Anxiety is part of life. As long as you are alive, you’ll get anxious once in a while.

What matters most is how you consider anxiety when it sets in. As you can see from

the above argument, anxiety is a friend that you can make to work to your


Anxiety is just a signal that you need to do something. If you don’t handle anxiety

well, it can become a bad friend. So, always think positively about anxiety and it will

help you lead a positive life.

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