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Can't Stop Worrying About the Future? #soteldotherapy

Updated: Mar 26

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Are You Constantly Worried About Your Future?

Everyone worries. It’s quite natural and it’s what makes you human. But if you are

constantly worried, you have a reason to get concerned. A worry makes you feel

inadequate to solve a future problem, real or imagined. It can rob you of your

dreams and hopes, but if you handle it well, it can help you build your future.

Long-term dreams and goals are important for your future-based motivation and

focus. There’s no way you can stop getting concerned about your future, but this

concern should not override what you need to do right now.

Here are three hacks to help you manage your fears and lead a healthy life.

1. Break down your future plans into manageable bits

Sometimes your worries can get out of hand because you are biting more than you

can chew. Learn to live one day at a time. So, instead of deviating from your goals

and dreams and thinking about those calamities that might befall you, use your

efforts to take care of your current interests.

Always thinking about what bad things might happen to you and how much they are

going to affect you negatively indicates that you’ll always feel worried about your


If you have to think about your future, break everything into small manageable

chunks, and deal with one bite at a time. This way, you’ll build tolerance for your

concerns and worries. Bottom line? Live one day at a time.

2. Practice thinking small and big

Sometimes you might find yourself worrying about what will happen to you in the

distant future, say three, four, five, or even ten years to come. Is it really worth it?

Well, we can’t stop worrying about what we’ll become in the future, but this can

distract us from what we are facing right now.

If your distant future is the issue, try to start thinking about what you need to do

right now, and go ahead and start working on it. Start working on those little things

you have control of right now and whatever is worrying you in the distant future will

take care of itself.

3. Don’t focus on symptoms but signals

Rather than getting bogged down by your future fears and uncertainties, think about

them from a different perspective. Ask yourself whether your fears and uncertainties

signal that you should focus on an important new task.

You can turn your worries into motivation and energy to find solutions to new tasks

that can improve your life. Your worry can also act as an invitation for you to do

something that might change that which you are worried about.


Worries and fears are natural, but you should not allow them to define your life.

Learning how to manage your fears is the first step to lead a fulfilling life. The most

important thing is to deal only with what you can manage in the next minute, hour,

day, or week.

For example, if you worry about owning a home in the future, why not start thinking

of what you can start working on right now to help you achieve that dream?

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