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Career Counseling

Updated: Mar 28

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Career Counseling Services

We all undergo trying times where we are unable to figure out the direction that our lives are undergoing. It is a common occurrence to see people changing their careers on several occurrences. In Ottawa, this statement is absolutely true, where individuals often move from the public sector to the private sector regularly.

When transitioning between careers, it is important that find someone to share your experiences, expectations, goals, and aspirations regarding your feelings concerning your current job. For those that are young and getting ready to move out of the education system and transition into the working world, the experience is often more difficult.

Ottawa career counseling to your aid

For parents looking concerned about and looking to secure their children's future, getting the assistance of a career counselor is the first step in achieving this goal. People who have had experiences with Ottawa counselors can attest to the positive impact the sessions on their lives.

Our career counselors use a combination of tests that might involve personality and aptitude tests, which re essential in determining an individual's happiness while at work.

Just like in all therapists, the outcome relies entirely on the client. Our counselors are only pivotal in laying out the available options after evaluating the client. By relying on the client’s input in the therapy sessions, it helps them make confident career decisions.

Who is eligible for career counseling?

You may need career counseling if you fall in any of the following brackets;

· If you are currently contemplating on switching careers

· Of you have recently quit your job

· If you dislike your current job or working environment

· If you appear unsure of the suitable course(s) to take in college or university

If any of the above statements define your current predicament, then you must contact any of our Ottawa counselors to get the much-needed help.

Call for an appointment at 613-400-0128

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