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Updated: Mar 28

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Our Corporate Services Division

There is a growing concern in addressing mental health services and related issues, with a single entity working unilaterally unable to adequately manage this leading issue in Canada. Dalton Associates, in particular, works in collaboration with other like-minded organizations in forging working partnerships that aims at delivering the much-needed services in mental health.

Our entity usually looks to partner with entities such as the following;

· already existing mental health agencies with a need to outsource specified client work

· organizations aiming to reduce absenteeism from employees resulting from mental health challenges

· government agencies in need of psychological or counseling services as part of their program

Our boutique Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are customized to address individual organization's needs, and focuses on addressing issues relating to employee and employer relations that are as a result of mental health problems or challenges. Such issues include but are not limited to the following;

· decreased employee productivity

· reduced workplace morale

· Chronic absenteeism

· Conflicts arising at the workplace that may include harassment and or bullying

Employer support program

Dalton Associates has an active gradual return-to-work program designed to blend psychological treatment and disability management programs. The program approach was created as a partnership between Dalton Associates and Organizational Solutions (OSI) to help affected employees struggling with mental health issues. The integrated program pairs the finest disability management teams in combination with evidence-based therapeutic measures in the therapy process.

The program focuses on eliminating scattered wellness workplace initiatives that gobble up much-needed and limited resources and boosting meaningful change. Some of the common challenges facing many employers that we address include the following;

· productivity decline

· retention and attraction problems

· diversity and inclusion issues

· a balance between work and social life

· heavy and unbearable workloads

· declining staff-morale and poor engagement

· Staff safety and conflict problems

Call for an appointment at 613-400-0128

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