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Staying Healthy as a Priority #SoteldoPsychotherapy #Wellness

Updated: Mar 27

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Have you been suffering from some form of ailment, but now you’re happy because the treatment is working? Well, that’s good news. However, it’s also imperative you understand how critical it is to maintain your gains. Let’s assume for a second, you were seeing a therapist because you had a mental health issue bugging you. They obviously gave you some techniques to help you get by, right? You need to keep practicing those techniques, if they’ve made your life a lot easier. The more you apply these useful skills or insights acquired, the easier it becomes to integrate them into your lifestyle.

In addition to what you’ve learned, there are several other strategies that you could apply to ensure you maintain the gains already achieved, and make a couple improvements.

· Your Routine And Lifestyle Should Be Balanced

We all know everyone’s different. There are people who thrive in chaos and those who don’t. If you fall in the latter category, you should hang around people who are aggressive in nature. A chaotic lifestyle won’t do you any good.

One of your primary goals in life should be to maintain a structure routine and balanced lifestyle. And what does that mean? That means that you have to eat properly, allocate enough time to rest, exercise a few times, and work towards improving your social life.

· Surround Yourself With A Good Social Support Network

Man was not created to function as an island. Of course, it’s possible but after a while you’ll feel overwhelmed and probably lose your mind. And that’s why you’ll hear mental health practitioners talk about the importance of having someone by your side. Someone you can trust and open up to.

We’re not talking about a therapist. Yes, you could consider one as an option but it’s good to talk to someone else who isn’t listening to you just because that’s how they earn a living. You’ll know you’ve found the one, when you feel secure to pour out your heart. As time goes by, you’ll realize you’ve become someone totally different. Someone better.

· Associate Yourself With A Great Professional Support Network

If someone told you that professional help is never a great resource, he or she obviously lied to you. It actually, is and it has always been. So go out there and start looking for a mental health practitioner that is willing to work with you towards developing a great professional support network, that’s based on nothing else but trust and respect.

· Slip-Ups And Down Days Are To Be Expected

Not being able to be perfect is the textbook definition of a human being. So no one expects you to be as perfect as a mechanical system. In fact, even mechanical systems malfunction from time to time.

You should never fall into that “back to square one” trap because it won’t do you any good. Your mental health will slowly deteriorate and go back to where you once started. And this time round, it won’t be easy getting back up.

The only important thing to remember is, progress is never a smooth road. It’s bumpy as hell but the good news is, the journey is rewarding.

Raquel Soteldo RP(Q), MA, ABA, PMP, CCC

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