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#Soteldotherapy #workplacecounseling


We’ve all at some point complained about how the workplace environment assails us with stress from all angles. And despite this, we’re still expected to project calm and professionalism every time we interact with clients, colleagues, or our bosses. We’re afraid of being honest even when we face legitimate problems because we know our cries could be misconstrued as weakness, and lead to bigger problems. So how do we avoid these issues or maximize productivity at the work place? We turn to counseling.

How does it work?

The primary goal of workplace counseling is to provide a safe environment for employees to express themselves, while finding healthy and productive ways to resolve issues at hand. It’s understood that the most powerful silencer of legitimate criticism at the workplace is the fear of exclusion from the workplace culture or authority.

Depending on the needs of your organization, we can work in a variety of ways to ensure all your employee needs or problems are heard. Our services can be offered full-time, part-time, or on a need-to basis.

The value of the workplace counseling

With the help of counseling, you’ll be able to easily tap into your team members problem-solving capital. If your staff members feel the situation that they are currently in can be improved, they’ll think of solutions to the problems they face of a daily faces. What’s really unfortunate, is the fact that most of these ideas often go unsaid, and never materialize. Most employees feel quiet because they feel like they have no voice in the organization. They normally feel like they’re nothing more than a warm body meant to occupy space, and follow every directive given to them by the manager.

When’s workplace counseling needed?

We all know businesses are different, so it’s safe to assume that they all have different needs. The value offered by workplace counseling will also vary. Therefore, this question can only be answered once the needs of your business have been highlighted. That said, we carried out a research, and discovered that teams with the following combinations are best suited for workplace counseling:

· Performance issues

· Lack of team spirit, Culture problems

· Slipping deadlines

· Interpersonal Relationship problems

· Consistent Absenteeism

· Large workloads

· Vague policies and procedures

· Responsibility problems/ Consistent Accountability

Who’s counseling for?

The fundamental truth is, as a

human being, you are never well equipped to deal with the problems that you’re facing. And that’s why the benefits of counseling has been demonstrated in almost every industry out there.

Let’s take substance abuse as an example. It’s an issue that affects everyone, from the records keeper downstairs, all the way to the top where you find the finance manager. So if you’re asking us if workplace counseling should be introduced in every industry, the answer is ‘yes’.

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